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With email becoming more Web-Based and not as many email clients installed on systems these days. You will need to make sure that you have a web email setup in your browser as a default email so when clicking on a email link such as the ones below or any web page, it will bring up your email client.

With multiple Browser, OS, System combinations it is hard to just have one setup procedure. The following link is one of the best 'How-To's on getting it setup for your system using GMail. Just look through the list find the Browser you are using and follow the steps and once done, then any email link you click on any site will bring up your email as it used to when email clients were locally installed on a system. We hope this helps with any problems you are having emailing staff.

How to set GMail as your default Browsers Email

Please contact the school where your child is attending for any contact information on your students Teachers. We are currently updating this page and will have it back up soon. Thank you for your patience.